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Engineering geophysics for industrial sites

Engineering Geophysics

Welcome to Engineering Geophysics .com! We are excited to offer our engineering geophysical services, surveys, and rentals to those in ...
Extreme ground vibration from demolition blasting

Near surface seismics for engineers

Near surface seismics assist engineers with better understanding the subsurface. Seismic equipment can either record ambient or passive vibrations. By ...
Sensors & Software pulseEKKO Pro Ultra GPR with 100 MHz antenna-Ice and sediment survey on water

GPR or Ground Penetrating Radar for Engineers

GPR or ground penetrating radar is a type of equipment that engineers can use to locate underground objects and map ...
Supersting R8 electrical resistivity imaging ERI system

Electrical resistivity imaging or tomography for engineering

Electrical resistivity methods include three-electrode, four-electrode, and multi-electrode techniques. Electrical resistivity for exploration of geologic deposits has been around for ...
Geonics Instruments work well to locate large metal pipes

Geonics Instruments EM31, EM34, EM38 and EM61: What Can They Do?

Geonics Instruments' EM31, EM34, EM38, and EM61 geophysical equipment are powerful tools for engineers. These instruments characterize conditions at depth ...
Magnetometer-Geometrics G858

Magnetometer, Line Locating, Borehole Logging, and Noise Testing Methods

Magnetometer, line locating, borehole logging, and noise testing methods are a suite of miscellaneous geophysical applications allows engineers and professionals ...